Custom Tables & Cases

In addition to the Tripod Case, Peter custom builds tables and cases for himself and fellow performers.

Browse the gallery below, and for any questions or a custom quote, contact Peter.

Candle Table
Maple side table, inspired by a classic candle table.
36" tall, with a 16" diameter top.
Breaks down into three pieces for easy transport.

Candle Table

Candle Table, broken down for transport

Square Side Table
Oak top with tripod flange

Square Side Table

Square Side Table detail

Street Performing Table (approx. $425)
Top and stand, with close-up pad top and detachable back servante

Street Performing Table

Street Table - Back Street Table collapsed

Moorehouse-Style Suitcase
Wide Hank Moorehouse-style table, for use with a tray stand

Wide Moorehouse table, closed

Wide Moorehouse table, open

All-In-One "Old Radio" System
Powered base unit and slave speaker

Old Radio PA System - Front

Old Radio PA System - Back

Powered Speaker Shell
Built around a 12" active speaker cabinet

Powered Speaker Shell - Front View

Powered Speaker Shell - Top Powered Speaker Shell - Back Powered Speaker Shell - Bottom

Funny Magic Dude Case
Custom case for the Funny Magic Dude
Inspired by the Hank Moorehouse-style case
Drop well in front, back becomes a servante
Tripod-mount, finished in carpet and aluminum

Funny Magic Dude case - front

Funny Magic Dude case opened Funny Magic Dude case back

Folding Nightclub Table
About 16" square (plus handles)
Folds from 43" to 27" tall

Nightclub Table Open

Nightclub table closed Nightclub table back detail