About Peter

Peter Wood

"Necessity is the mother of invention."

Growing up, Peter Wood had two unusual elements come together: a love of magic, and a well-equipped woodshop in his family's Maryland home.

In his early magic career, Peter and his father would build many magic props, tables and stands, because there simply wasn't the money to purchase these items from a shop. Over the years, Peter continued to build his own apparatus, realizing not just the economical advantages, but also the uniqueness associated with custom items.

Today, performing magic is Peter's full-time profession, but when not entertaining, he enjoys building apparatus for his friends (the latest being you). With a background in technical theatre, and years of performance "flight time" under his belt, he's uniquely situated to produce tables, cases and stands for performers.

Peter understanding the demands of a working professional, because he is one.

For more information, visit Peter's performing site, PeterWoodMagic.com