Tripod cases for magicians, jugglers, and all variety performers

Classic Case: $245*

Includes black case,
with black external tilting flange,
plus sturdy black tripod and nylon bag.

(*Plus shipping)

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"Internal Flange" Upgrade $25

The "flange" is what attaches the tripod to your case, and allows you to tilt the case forward or backward.

When ordering, most performers ask for an external flange, because it gives you the maximum case space.

But an internal flange model is also available for an additional $25, leaving the underside cleaner and able to be stacked.

Tripod Cases

Join the Tripod Case Revolution!

Picture this: you walk into your gig with a suitcase in your left hand, a tripod bag over your shoulder, and your right hand free!

Finally you can open the door, hold a railing, or shake someone's hand.

Tired of having their first impression of you red-faced and panting from that cumbersome and heavy suitcase table?

Join the revolution of pro entertainers who are carrying what they need for a complete show in one hand.

Tripod Case - Interior View
Internal flange model (reduced storage space)
Tripod Case - Underside view
Internal flange model (cleaner look)
External flange model, underside view
External flange model (allows more storage)
Tripod Case - with carrying bag
Case and tripod in carrying bag
Comes with adjustable dividers
Includes adjustable dividers and padded foam lid
Get an executive case for the same price!
Get an executive case for the same price!
Ask about custom vinyl lettering and/or designs!
Ask about custom vinyl lettering and/or designs!

The Case:

The Tripod:

"I just received the case today, and I am very impressed! ... Thank you so much for a quality product that I know I will use for a very long time!"
   - Danny Dubin